How do I describe…


…the wonder of watching a dream come true?

It doesn’t unfold like a slow motion ethereal cinematic fantasy. Rather it has a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t quality. On low-energy, high-demand, slow-result days, you think you are insane for following your own distant orchestra. And then there is a day like today, one day before Prajnya’s first event, when you look at your small office (I look at mine) and it is filled with bright, enthusiastic women who have given up small and large pleasures and the expectation of commonplace rewards to take my dream one step closer to being real.

The moment at which people who were till recently (one month, one year, one hour ago) strangers, work together to string a banner that reads “Prajnya Intercollegiate Quiz” across a driveway, is a moment at which you think: if I touch it, it will not go away.

For all girls who have a dream, I write these wonder-filled words. Someday, when you surf and find this blog, know that your dream is possible too.


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