Taking Action Helps: GHAJINI


Sometimes one scene in a movie can make a strong impression on you. 

The dialogue in one scene of “Ghajini” impressed me. In this scene, the heroine who was traveling by train to Mumbai rescued some young girls who were being trafficked by a gang for illegal activities with the help of some military men. When the police admitted the girls to a hospital for a medical check-up, the head of the gang tried to get the girls killed. Hearing this, the heroine forcefully argued with him, saying, “It is only now that women are coming out from the kitchen. Please don’t send them back there again.”

In that scene, the actor’s performance was extraordinary. It impressed me and I am sure it will impress other women.

2 thoughts on “Taking Action Helps: GHAJINI

  1. hindqiz

    I remember both scenes, and both of you are right.
    There is a bold attempt to say something new and ‘unconventional’ , but it is also followed by the usual plot devices (man coming to the rescue) to neutralize any political statement made earlier.

    How often do Tamil films have female heroes, who ‘take action,’ as Subhashini put it? In Tamil serials, from what I’ve seen, Radhika’s character in her productions is very front of stage, takes initiative, is always right, and she’s political. Her decisions and actions affect a range of people and sometimes a community. Her character is very political. Actually, her characters are all very unusual for Indian tv.
    But films haven’t seen such female leads.
    (I am intentionally not using ‘heroine’)

  2. umavangal

    subhashini is right. just one dialogue or scene can leave an impression… in this case it brings out the issue of trafficking out in the open.. unfortunately though in the same movie the same actor is also shown being killed by the same leader of the gang. Two messages trickle to the audience. that you can be killed if you take such initiative and that there is no escape from such men unless a man rescues you or kills the bad guys. And in the scene where she’s killed they show such an intelligent girl being caught simply because of her mobile ringing.. after all any person in danger and hiding from the bad guys will have the sense to put it on silent mode or switch it off

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