Why Prajnya?


As I sat across the table hearing about Prajnya (and half wishing I should have opted for a cup of chai instead of the extremely bitter coffee) I realised that this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on. Knowing for a fact that my contribution would be solely on the basis of a volunteer and would require a juggling act with my regular job, I still decided to go ahead and be part of Prajnya.

The last few months with the Prajnya team has been one filled with bouts of excitement, nervousness, vigour and LOTS OF FUN.

The month of January and February saw the team put their heads together and unearth all possible questions for our first event — a quiz on ‘Women in South Asia.’

And as our ‘team leader’ rightly said, today if were to look back, its not the event as such that remains ingrained in our memories but all the ups and downs that we encountered on our way — finding a suitable hall, the technical glitches, a right sounding bell, appropriate banner, and unrelenting efforts in holding back a team member from giving out the answer (out of sheer enthusiasm) — that we’ll always remember!

Volunteering with prajnya has also reinforced my belief in team work. Here we are a bunch of women, each one as different as can be, who have come together to contribute in our own little way to see that the goals of this organisation are met. In return what we get are new friends, challenges, opportunities and ….. PRAJNYA.

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