Round-table: Researching Women, Social Movements and the Politics of Transition


Prajnya PSW launched an in-house round-table series  on July 21, 2008 with a presentation by Professor Linda Racioppi. The series is intended primarily to provide the PSW team with insights into both the subject matter of women in public affairs and issues and challenges relating to the research process in this field. We hope to have these sessions on a monthly basis.

Dr. Racioppi teaches in the fields of international relations and comparative cultures and politics at Michigan State University’s James Madison College. She is the author of Soviet Policy Towards South Asia Since 1970 and co-author with Professor Katherine O’Sullivan See of Women’s Activism in Contemporary Russia. She has published articles on Soviet arms transfers, women and Russian nationalism, gender and ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland, and on interdisciplinarity.

Dr. Racioppi’s talk at Prajnya drew on her research experiences in Russia, Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka. She provided the audience with a brief overview of the contexts and then discussed a series of practical, methodological and ethical concerns relating to the research process in these settings.

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