Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Agatha Sangma


Basic Information:

Name: Agatha Sangma

Constituency: Tura (Meghalaya)

Party: Nationalist Congress Party

Terms in parliament: First term

Age: 27

Agatha Sangma is the daughter of former Lok Sabha speaker, Nationalist Congress Party leader and heavyweight in Meghalaya politics: PA Sangma. She is a first time MP, and at 27, the youngest one ever. After having completed her masters from Nottingham University in the UK on environmental management, Ms. Sangma joined politics.Ms. Sangma, who is Meghalaya’s first female MP, and Minister of State for Rural Development, says she will work for the empowerment of women and youth and describes her election to the Lok Sabha as a ‘good first step’ to encourage the fairer sex from the hill state to enter active politics.

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