Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Annu Tandon


 Basic Information:

Name: Annu Tandon

Constituency: Unnao (Uttar Pradesh)

Party: Indian National Congress

Terms in Parliament: First term

Age: 51


Contact information: 4A, Shree Vjayaa Bhawan B, Altamount Road,  Mumbai 400 026.


A corporate executive-turned-social worker-turned-politician, Annu Tandon has enjoyed a career in diverse business enterprises, including IT, media and garment export. Backed by a family-run trust, she has worked extensively in Unnao, offering both financial and emotional support to a people living in debilitating poverty. Her trust has adopted villages, and one of its projects, Yashoda Vatika, acts as a foster parent, helping children of illiterate mothers with their homework.Founder of Hriday Narain Dhawan Charitable Trust, Annu Tandon has held several programmes running in the district to provide aid to widows and physically-challenged persons


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One thought on “Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Annu Tandon

  1. Neeraj Kumar Singh

    Its my heartiest support and well wishes for such organisation and people who think for downtrodden,poor,exploited,unattended etc , to excel in each and every field of life so that they can be a boon for humanity as a whole.
    I salute people who think for others,i wish to be a part of such organisation

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