Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Jaya Pradha


Basic Information:

Name: Jaya Pradha

Constituency:Rampur (Uttar Pradesh)

Party: Samajwadi Party

Terms in parliament: 14-15th parliament

Age: 47

 Contact information: 9, Canning Lane, New Delhi – 110 001,

                                   Tel. (011) 24122475

 Born as Lalita Rani in Andhra Pradesh, she started dance and music classes at a very early age. Introduced to the film industry at the tender age of 14, Jayapradha soon became a major star in the Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada films. She branched out to Hindi films by late 1970s, and became a household name. A popular actress, she earned fans among the masses, a fact which would serve her well when she started a political career.An eager and sincere participant in various social services, Jayapradha is a member of the Committee on empowerment of women. She established the Jayapradha Charitable Trust which has organised eye camps, eye banks, blood donation camps, ortho camps and other social welfare activities Confident that the experience of working on gender issues and problems as a Rajya Sabha member of the Telugu Desam Party will stand her in good stead, this determined actress beat all odds to win the Rampur seat, despite allegations of ‘cheap’ campaigning by SP general secretary Azam Khan.She defeated M.A. Naqvi and the Begum.

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