Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Kumari Selja


Basic Information:

Name: Kumari Selja

Constituency: Ambala (Haryana)

Party: Indian National Congress (INC)

Terms in parliament: 10-11th, 14-15th parliament

Age: 48

 Contact Information: 3, Sunheri Bagh Road, New Delhi, Tels. (011) 23018074, 23018269 (R), 23015928, 23061928, 23091242, 23063889 (O)
Fax: (011) 23061780 (O)

 Born to the late Dalit leader Chaudhary Dalbir Singh, Ms. Selja began her political career in the Mahila Congress, eventually becoming its President. Like her father, she is a prominent Dalit leader within the Congress. She has served as a minister of state (independent charge) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation in the first UPA government. She was also part of the Narasimha Rao-led Congress government, where she served as the Minister of State for Education and Culture.She has often fought for the rights of the underprivileged, and has called for the upliftment of Scheduled Castes and other disadvantaged groups. In 2005, she championed the cause of the weavers, protesting against the ban of Shahtoosh trade (shawls made from the hair of the Chiru or Tibentan antelope)

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