Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Shruthi Choudhry


Basic Information:

Name: Shruti Choudhry

Constituency: Bhiwani-Mahendragarh (Haryana)

Party: Indian National Congress

Terms in parliament: First Term

Age: 33

Contact Information: Ward No.25, Vijay Nagar, Bhiwani, Haryana-127 021

Daughter of Haryana minister Kiran Choudhry and granddaughter of Bansi Lal, Shruthi Choudhry is a first-timer in the electoral fray and was given the Congress ticket virtually at the eleventh hour.A lawyer by education, this feisty greenhorn was chosen by congress party to contest Lok Sabha election from Bhiwani-Mahendragrh in 2009 and defeated her nearest rival Ajay Singh Chautala of INLD by a margin of 55097. Her primary agenda is to bring basic amenities to villages. She also feels very strongly about the environment, as it is so closely linked with mankind’s existence.

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