Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Sumitra Mahajan


Basic Information:

Name: Sumitra Mahajan

Constituency: Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Terms in parliament: 9-15th parliament

Age: 65

 Contact Information: 8, G.R.G. Road, New Delhi – 110 001, Tels. (011) 23359280,23358315, 23358379

 Former Union minister and a lawyer by profession, Sumitra Mahajan is a 7 time MP. She has done considerable work in Indore, which has witnessed rapid development such as expansion of rail facilities, airport expansion, flight, telephone services, connecting Indore with various state highways .Affectionately known as “Tai”, she retains Indore Lok Sabha seat by defeating Congress candidate Satya Narayan Patel by a margin of over 11,400 votes. Sumitra’s agenda for her 7th consecutive term includes making farming a profitable business, creating employment opportunities for unemployed youths and striving to set up an international convention centre in Indore.

 For more details, visit the following links:

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