Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Dr. Jyoti Mirdha


Basic Information:

Name: Jyoti Mirdha

Constituency: Nagaur (Rajasthan)

Party: Indian National Congress

Terms in parliament: First term

Age: 36

Contact Information: Sirsi, Mirdha Farm, Bagda Mama ki Dhani, Jaipur.

Another one of the INC’s young faces, Jyoti political roots lies in the fact that she is grand daughter of Nathuram Mirdha, a Congress veteran, and a legend in this farming community. A medical doctor by profession, she has kindled the peoples affection for her late grandfather, and scored a political victory.Internet being her favorite mode of communication, Dr.Mirdha wants to focus on the water scarcity in her state.  Working on rural health, welfare of the girl child is on top of her agenda.

 For more details, visit the following links:

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