Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Meena Singh


Basic Information:

Name: Meena Singh

Constituency: Arrah (Bihar)

Party: Janata Dal (United)

Terms in parliament: 14-15th parliament

Age: 44

Contact Information: 83, North Avenue, New Delhi – 110 001,

                                      Tels. (011) 9313674800 (M)

 Widow of former MP Ajit Singh, Meena Singh was thrust into politics in 2007, after the JD (U) fielded her candidature, not wanting to antagonize the Rajputs and followers of Ajit Singh. She enjoys the support of the extremely backward classes.Meena Singh is daughter-in-law of Tapeshwar Singh, who is regarded as the head of  co-operatives mafia. Allegations that the money spent by her at these elections is the money taken from the peasants in the form of taxes of cooperatives have not deterred her success in her constituency of Arrah.

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