A small graduation ceremony


Prajnya’s had a lucky summer for finding enthusiastic young team-members.

Earlier in the summer, two Anna University students got in touch with us, seeking internships for one month. S. Swarnalakshmi and M.D. Maheswari completed every task we gave them promptly and thoroughly, to our great delight. We have actually been unable to keep pace with them, and one of their projects a compendium of Tamil Nadu women representatives at different administrative levels, remains to be formatted into a ready reckoner. We are delighted that in spite of our delays, they want to still be involved with our work.

We held a small ‘graduation’ celebration for them at our usual meeting-place, the cafe at Crossword Bookstore, and here are some photographs.




We also want to take this opportunity to recognize Hamsini Ravi’s research assistance on a small review of ‘girl child’ related campaigns in India and Ragini Rangarajan’s work (evident in this blog) on new women MPs and surveying Chennai history departments. We hope to continue to work with them as well, although both study outside Chennai.

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