Oral History Project: Volunteers needed



We are looking to select 1-2 volunteer researchers/ research interns who will form part of the core crew for our Oral History Project which is starting work next week.

The profile we seek:

* Based in Chennai, able to get around and to work evenings and weekends.

* Enthusiasm, willingness and ability to make serious time commitment.

* Background in history or political science; sociology and anthropology also okay.

* Willingness to learn: this will involve research and elements of serving as an AD on the interview crew.

By definition, we are not looking for very senior people. Someone just out of college would be okay too, as would an energetic empty-nester. But being able to commit time consistently is important and for a few months at a stretch.

This would be a great learning opportunity and resume-builder, particularly for those seeking to go to graduate school.

To clarify/ reiterare: We are not in a position to pay salaries, hence the search for volunteers. If learning and spending time usefully are important to you and you do not need the income, do consider giving us the gift of your time and energy.

Email us, telling us about your background and interests: prajnyatrust@gmail.com

Swarna Rajagopalan

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