‘Profiles of women in slavery in Sindh, Pakistan’ by Aslam Khwaja.


Profiles of Ms. Meeran and Mrs. Lacho, women in slavery, written by activist  Aslam Khwaja for the Prajnya Archives wall on Facebook.

“Ms. Meeran
Captured by zamindar Lal Mangrio in tehsil Dhoronaro (formerly in Sanghar district, now in Umarkot district) 22 years ago with her family (including her father, four brothers and four sisters) she was released some 7 years ago. When her family planned to marry her within their community the son of the zamindar Ibrahim Mangrio kept her and along with his henchmen, sexually assaulted her.

As a result of this, she had two children. When she gave birth to a girl, the zamindar wanted the baby girl and on her refusal he poisoned the 7 month old baby named Meerzadi. She recently gave birth to a boy named Hanif. Nowadays Meeran is on the run from the zamindar who wants the boy. Recently he offered her Rs. 100,000 but she refused. She lives by constantly changing her place of residence in fear of the zamindar.

Mrs. Lacho
Lalio Kolhi
After employing her family for 2 to 3 years as peasants, a zamindar near Umarkot declared that her family had loans of Rs. 50,000 from him and kept them in chains. One night this family ran from the private prison of zamindar but was captured by armed men who were employed by this zamindar. Lacho’s husband, Lalio Kolhi, was beaten badly and was separated from his family. On enquiring about her husband she was told that he is working on the fields. After some time Umarkot police raided this area and many workers were freed but there was no whereabouts of Lacho’s husband. She is still searching for her husband.”

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