Profile: Vina Mazumdar, iconic Indian scholar-activist


I seem to remember posting an interview I read with Vina Mazumdar a few weeks ago but there’s no sign of it on the blog. I was reminded of it by @rlalita‘s tweet today of the link to this article:

Akshaya Mukul, Vina Mazumdar, the fighter, TOI Crest, June 5, 2010.

See also this wonderful feature about Dr. Mazumdar by Sheela Reddy: Madam Mossless,, May 24, 2010. Like many women, including some at Prajnya (definitely not including this blogger), Reddy tells us Vina Mazumdar does not like being called a feminist. But that’s really what her politics and her work have been, and I would ask, why shy away from the label but that’s me!

Dr. Mazumdar’s work as the Chair of the Committee on the Status of Women in India made a huge difference. Their report, “Towards Equality” measured women’s progress across many spheres and went on to become a benchmark for activists, policy-makers and researchers alike.


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