Plan International Report: Because I am a girl


Plan International, “Because I am a girl: Girls in the global economy 2009,” 2009.

Excerpts from the report summary:

“The global financial crisis is taking a heavy toll on families and communities everywhere, and when money is short it is girls and young women who are most affected.

“As a result of the current crisis, in 2009 alone an estimated additional 50,000 African babies will die before their first birthday.1 Most of these will be girls.

“But it’s not just the infants that are suffering. As parents face job losses and reduced income, younger girls are being pulled out of school and sent to work to earn money for their families. Global economic development and human rights for girls will be set back decades if the impacts of the financial crisis are ignored.” (Page 2, BIAAG summary)

“Immediate impacts of the global recession

  • young women, millions employed in the informal and export-related sectors, are the first to lose their jobs
  • remittances (money sent home by workers abroad) fall and migration • decreases
  • lending for microfinance and other projects is restricted
  • more girls become involved in child labour
  • girls are pulled out of education and into domestic and other work
  • infant deaths increase – the majority of them, girls
  • more girls and women are forced into the sex trade

“Long-term impacts of failing to invest in girls

  • billions of dollars lost each year to local economies
  • undermining and reversal of past progress made on girls’ rights” (Page 3, BIAAG Summary)

2 thoughts on “Plan International Report: Because I am a girl

  1. Nilim Dutta

    The statistics clearly projects the vulnerability of the girl child and young women and should alarm any policy maker/ administrator….what must be introspected is that how much of this actually goes in to influence policy decisions…

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