Women priests: Old article, but interesting


S. Dorairaj, Priest & prejudice, Frontline, Volume 25, Issue 23, November 8-21, 2008.

…”There is no gainsaying that these words, written by Justice K. Chandru of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, have boosted the morale of A. Pinniyakkal of Nalluthevanpatti in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, in her uncompromising battle against obscurantist forces. The September 5 order was passed on the 45-year-old’s petition to assert her right to priesthood, which at came to her by way of inheritance. The order also sends a clear message against attempts to prevent women from entering priesthood, which has hitherto been a male bastion.

“On October 14, thanks to the intervention of the district administration to ensure that the court order was complied with, Pinniyakkal performed pooja at the Durgai Amman temple in the foothills of Pannaikadumalai in Nalluthevanpatti. However, her troubles were far from over. The district administration had to face stiff opposition from the local people even while executing the order. In fact, Pinniyakkal was escorted to the temple through a drainage canal as thorny bushes were strewn along the main path. And though the revenue officials promised to take her to the temple again, they have not been able to do so.”

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