MadrasWeek@Prajnya, August 15-22, 2010


Prajnya was founded with a sense of global citizenship and regional reach. However, we are based in Chennai, that is Madras. Much of our team was born and brought up in this city, and we share in this annual celebration–but in our own way, on our terms.

Last year, we invited our extended community to contribute posts on the women institution-builders of Chennai. This year, we invited our extended team–interns, volunteers and core team members–and they invited their friends.

From August 15, 2010, we celebrate Madras Week, but also the agency, public spirit and enterprise of Chennai’s women. In so doing, we offer you a series of personalised profiles–sometimes profiles, sometimes reminiscences, sometimes tributes–that we hope will inspire confidence in other women who read this blog and reinforce their sense that they are entitled to freedom, justice, agency and choice–in the private and public spheres. Thus, our Madras Week celebration is also a feminist shout-out to the weekend when Pakistan and India celebrate independence!


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