MadrasWeek@Prajnya/ Revathi: A powerhouse of talent


Revathi: A Powerhouse of Talent

by Nandhini Shanmugham

Whether as the mother of a mentally challenged child in ‘Anjali,’ or the subservient wife in ‘Thevar Magan,’ her acting prowess has made her one of the finest actors of our film industry and one of my favorite actors.

Born Asha Kelunni, better known by her screen name, Revathi, she has enthralled audiences for more than two decades with award-wining performances. I think among her contemporaries, she was and still remains one of the most versatile actors in Tamil cinema. Having acted in close to a hundred movies in four different languages, she has won numerous accolades including the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Thevar Magan (1992).

A multi-talented personality, Revathi turned director with Mitr, My Friend (2002) and Phir Milenge (2004), which were widely acclaimed. As a social activist, she has spoken out on various women-related issues. Her show on KTV called Pudumai Penn was aimed at spreading awareness of women’s rights.

She has also lent support to various organisations in Chennai including the Ability Foundation, The Banyan, TANKER foundation, Vidyasagar, and spoken out on women’s issues. On her support to NGOs, she writes in her website: “I support them for the good work they do and my popularity as an actress helps to raise funds for the organisation. I believe that if my popularity as an actress can be used for a good cause, I should not let go of the opportunity.”


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