MadrasWeek@Prajnya concludes


And so Madras Week 2010 at Prajnya concludes with a presentation of 10 posts on Chennai women who have done extraordinary things. We thought we would carry profiles but what we got were personal notes about individuals the contributors admired; this was also a good thing, because it personalised the posts, underscoring why it is important to profile people at all–so that others can connect with them and find things to admire or emulate or recommend.

In this last post, I want to acknowledge two people who bravely and selflessly (and unusually readily) offered to help with the most tedious and difficult part of any such exercise: editing!

Nirmala Iswari was a Prajnya Summer Research Intern in 2008. She wrote a short paper for us on the impact that the Second World War had on Madras Presidency. Since then, she has gone on to doctoral studies in Singapore and we hope she will be a regular contributor to the blog from now on.

Meera Srikant is a Bharata Natyam dancer and freelance journalist who volunteered with Prajnya last year during the 16 Days Campaign. She helped us draft the citations we gave in recognition of the work of four women’s organizations in Chennai. She also wrote about the campaign in Retail Plus, one of The Hindu’s supplements. We know we will be working with her often.

I want to thank Nirmala and Meera for their enthusiasm and hard work, and book them (well) in advance for the next time we do something like this!

Swarna Rajagopalan

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