First Saakshi Fellow: Dr. Linda Racioppi


A Visiting Scholars Programme has been part of the Prajnya vision from the very beginning. Collaborative research and network-building are a key mandate of ours, and this is one way in which we hope to fulfill that mandate.

Today, we are very excited to welcome our first visiting scholars, Dr. Linda Racioppi, to Prajnya.

Dr. Racioppi will be affiliated as a Saakshi Fellow with the Prajnya Resource Centre on Women in Politics and Policy.  She will be with us for the duration of her project work on gender politics and development strategies in post-emergency settings. Read about Dr. Racioppi here.

Dr. Racioppi, readers of this blog may remember, was the first speaker in our Women’s History Roundtable Series, even before the Series got a name, actually! We are delighted that as part of her Fellowship, she will also contribute occasionally to this blog.

Welcome, Linda!

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