On “National Girl Child Day”


A blogpost reconstructed from our Twitter account:

What do you think is the value of observance days like National Girl Child Day? Do think they have long-term impact? Let National Girl Child Day not become what International Women’s Day has: a single day of fuss, followed by a year of neglect.

National Girl Child Day. Just one day out of 365 for about 18% of our 1-billion plus population? Seems a little stingy, don’t you think? Everyday should be girl child day; indeed, everyday should be Children’s Day and everyday should be Women’s Day.

The choice of the term “Observance Date” for such “days” is deliberate. There is nothing to celebrate in most of them. Each one is meant to be a paltry, obligatory moment when we stop and reflect on the necessity of a separate, dedicated date for that issue. Why do we need to dedicate a year to Forestry? Why do we need a day for the elimination of gender violence? Why a girl child day? Today is National Girl Child Day in India because we have a problem: Our little girls face discrimination even before they are born.

So how do we observe this “observance date”? Can we stop briefly to think about inadvertent discrimination on each of our parts? Can we introduce ‘Girl Child Day’ into a conversation so we can briefly remember why it is observed? Can we observe ‘National Girl Child Day’ by making a donation to an NGO working to reach girl children or child rights? Some NGOs working in the area of girl/child rights that we follow: @TulirAgainstCSA @CRYINDIA @NanhiKali but you can find lots of others! On “National Girl Child Day” also consider volunteering with one of these organizations or as a mentor through schools.

And finally, do celebrate! Celebration creates value. Celebrate the work of women in the public sphere because it gives girls an idea that the world holds endless possibilities for them. Celebrate the work women do in the private sphere so that girls know that all work has a value and they cannot be overlooked or exploited. But do let us NOT greet people with a ‘Happy Girl Child Day’ and do let us remember that this date is not about flowers and chocolate!

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One thought on “On “National Girl Child Day”

  1. Thank you pal that you have presented your anguish for the day as u feel that girls are of course neglected and just dedicating one day is not enough, rather they should be given proper nourishment throughout the year. Good idea. But I am afraid you should also mention other things which is related to the day.

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