Prajnya launches ‘Rainmakers’, a photographic celebration of resourceful women


(press release)

8 March 2011, Chennai:

To commemorate the centenary of International Women’s Day,
Prajnya, a Chennai-based non-profit organisation, has announced the launch of
‘Rainmakers’, a photographic celebration. Prajnya invites entries from photographers, both professional and amateur, on the theme ‘resourceful women’. Broadly, this includes “women doing, making, building, recycling, making the impossible real and making unexpected choices in their personal, professional and social lives”.

Entries can include both new and recent photographs as well as old images (that the contributor has copyright to). Contributions from across South Asia including
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Myanmar are welcome. All entries must be accompanied by a short explanatory narrative that describes the photograph(s). Cell phone photographs will be accepted provided they are of superior quality.

‘Rainmakers’ is a project of the Prajnya Archives, a user-generated visual repository established by Prajnya to document the historic and contemporary role of women in public life in South Asia ( “This celebration of Women’s Day seeks to place centre-stage women as active agents of their own histories. With its longterm goal to add to Prajnya’s archival repository and its invitation to the public to participate, this initiative seeks to make the celebration an ongoing, community-based engagement with the issue (and not simply something we think about once a year)”, says Dr. Sudha Rajagopalan, curator of the Prajnya Archives.

Thirty of the best entries will be showcased in an exhibit to be held later in the year and all entries of acceptable quality will be included in the Prajnya Archives.
Entries to ‘Rainmakers’ may be submitted for 100 days from 8 March, up to 15 June.

Submissions can be sent to For more information, please see or


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