Special ‘Seminar’ issue on “Women and Peace”


The March 2011 issue of Seminar was devoted to the theme, “Women and Peace.” As the opening statement says:

“DESPITE the voluminous literature on war and conflict, both its causes as also the frameworks underlying various peace accords and post-conflict resolution and reconstruction strategies, there appears significant reluctance to factor in women’s specific experiences, as also their orientations, capacities and skills in facilitating a transition towards a more just and durable peace. Not only is it rare to come across women playing a significant role in peace parleys and accord-making, their concerns and suggestions too are usually relegated to the margins. The episodic nod to the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security notwithstanding, analysis of peace accords and subsequent processes reveals, globally, that this arena remains a male preserve and little has changed on the ground.”

Each Seminar issue is a symposium of perspectives on a chosen theme. This one too brings together several diverse voices from Devaki Jain to Rita Manchanda, diplomats to development consultants.

Do take a look: Seminar, “Women and Peace,” Number 619, March 2011 


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