Rainmakers: Responses by Harishree Vidhyalayam students


Students, aged 11-15, from the Photography Club of Chennai’s Harishree Vidhyalayam, visited the “Rainmakers” exhibition on Saturday, August 5, 2011. They had been assigned worksheets to record their responses to various photographs and were kind enough to share these with us, via their teacher, N.M. Anand.


1. Name of student: Nivedya Raj Class: VIII

In my opinion I felt the pictures were awesome. Each of them having a different speciality is what I felt inspiring. I would love to try taking photographs like them. I particularly liked the one with a woman artisan in black and white.

2. Name of student: S.Ishana Class: VI

I felt the exhibition had many pictures of unique women which indeed looked interesting. The picture of an old Assam lady actress was nice. The picture with the caption “Women on board” is very rare to see such women riding on transportation trucks. The picture of Kemi Chatma teaching the children with a pocket board. She was not using a regular blackboard like any other. The picture of Sonika Kaliraman, wrestler. It is very unusual to see a woman who is a wrestler. Firdaus Sheik, stunt biker. She looked very sportive and smart. I also learnt about giving captions to the pictures we take so that the person can understand the picture better.

3. Name of student: Madhushri Class: VI

I felt so happy about this exhibition because I saw some olden day pictures of women achievers which I won’t get a chance to see otherwise. I particularly liked the ones of Aideu Handique, the first heroine of Assamese cinema. Then the one with Miss.Pratibha Sharma with her Delhi university degree.

4. Name of student: Hareni.E Class: VI

I am quite new to visiting such photography exhibitions. I find it very interesting and the organisers were very friendly. Photos I liked are; The guava fruit seller, women engaged in sericulture which is a very hard job. And an old woman selling food in Kathmandu. They showed me how courageous these women are.

5. Name of student: A.Rishab Class: VI

The exhibition is very beautiful. I liked the place. The pictures are very amazing. I liked one with Maya Ganesh, a bullet rider and Firdaus Sheik, stunt biker because both are very adventurous.

6. Name of student: Varun Class: VI

The exhibition was very nice. The photos were in black and white and colour. I liked Rupa, who is a horse jockey from Chennai. I also liked the ones with Deepali who is a bike mechanic and the auto driver Sunita Chaudry.

7. Name of student: Dilshani Class: VI

The exhibition was wonderful. The theme is nice. The reasons given below each picture was interesting. I liked Dr.Latha Deshpande helping destitute girls. Also picture of women engaged in sericulture which gives income to lots of families, and women thatching roofs and rebuilding the house, and women washing clothes in a pond.

8. Name of student: R.Gourav Class: VI

This exhibition was useful to us because it told us how women work for the family. I liked the photos of a woman shifting wheat from the chaff in the field. I liked the flower seller. Also the woman sweeping the streets of an educational institution in Mumbai.

9. Name of student: M.Vedantha Ramanujam Class: VI

The exhibition was very nice. It had different kind of photos. It told us how women work tough jobs for family. I liked photos of Vaishali Patel, Pratipa Sharma, Assam cinema heroine old lady, the female artist and the fire burnt houses where a woman was collecting what is left over by the fire and it was sad.

10. Name of student: S.Nikhil Class: VII

The exhibition is nice. I had fun with my friends. I saw many photos which are from history. I liked photo of Mythili Sivaraman with many others from different countries. A lady preparing meals for destitute children. Also the old lady who acted in Assam cinema and she is very old now.

11. Name of student: Lashwanth Class: VII

This exhibition photos were very nice and the information below was very informative. Photos of ladies working as horse jockey and bullet riders are very amazing because they have proved that they are also capable. I also learnt that photos could be taken clearly of a moving vehicle without any blurred view.

12. Name of student: S.Mowrishwar Class: VII

It is nice and useful. I learnt to take photos of people. I also learnt women do very hard jobs in this world. The place was clean. I enjoyed with my friends.

13. Name of student: S.Sandhya Class: VII

I felt that the exhibition have pictures of women who does different kind of work from other normal women. The pictures are new and interesting and nice to learn. I liked pictures in which women are repairing the roof of their house, which is very risky job. Also Lambani women Lakshmibai, Rukmini and Radha protest against working of the NREGA system are interesting to see.


We thank the Principal of Harishree Vidhyalayam, Mr. Anand and the two teachers who came with the group for encouraging the students not just to visit our exhibition but to express themselves freely as they learn.

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