The second LifeStories interview: Glimpses


Earlier this month, a new team of volunteers undertook the video-recording of the second LifeStories interview. Well, we have a few long interviews done on tape, but they were also less comprehensive in scope. This work resumed after a three year gap which happened because we didn’t have resources–money or people who had time.

A fresh pair of volunteers, Ramesh and Jyothi, and Archana who’s been working on women’s history projects at Prajnya have breathed new life into LifeStories. Most grateful for them!

The second interview was with Sarojini Rajaram, who was born in Rangoon, but has lived most of her life in India. Her family moved out in anticipation of the Japanese arrival into Burma. She spoke to us about life in the Indian community in Burma, about the experience of war and displacement, about living in different parts of India and about changes she has seen over the years.

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