Mother’s Day and family history


The next post on this blog is by a Friend of Prajnya, Dr. Swati Parashar, who writes about her mother. What is special about this post is that Swati took the time to call and interview her mother and learn about her life. She heard some things she knew and some things she didn’t. With Swati’s permission, I am cross-posting in this blog with a link to the original blog.

The reason we really appreciate this, is that this is the kind of work we want to promote. We want people to ask in their families and listen to stories that are now being forgotten. Every life is remarkable and every person has a story. But most stories are forgotten, especially the stories that women would have to tell.

If you have stories from the women in your family, let us know, and we can discuss the possibility of your recording them via this blog.

Swati’s post follows next.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and family history

  1. drvjanaki

    Dear swarna,

    it’s nice to see life storeis being retold… yeah, i too would like to join in this…..

    my parents just celebrated 47 years of togetherness….. i woulld like their story to be told… something like unknown but everyday indians….. they have contrasting stories to tell… very rich in experience , pathos, emotions, fun… everything.. is it possible? i am a hearing impaired lady… with some hearing….. my father is 77 and mom will be 70 this october.. they were born in the preindependence era…. madras bombings, village life… cycling to work.. so much more…. an advocate father.. british barracks just across our home…… grandmother the third wife…..married at 13….. now no more…..their stories need to be told….

    contrast this too with my husband….. from erode…… a family of 11 kids… poverty n togetherness.. values….. my late inlaws…… a world of difference ofcontrasts….. but bound by values……

    these are binding… their voices need to be heard…. or my sister’s 82 year old mother in law…… they are all in chennai….. can we do it? i hope so, sincerely…..

    i hope something fructifies….. with their interview.

    do mail me i live in mylapore…

    Dr V.Janaki

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