Toilet Tale #1: Why a Fruit Vendor Doesn’t Eat All Day


Sushila, 36
Runs a fruit stall

“There is no toilet facility for me while I work, which is why I don’t eat or drink anything all day. If I get really hungry, I might drink a cup of tea.

In case I need to pee urgently, or if I need to use a toilet during my period, I go to a nearby complex of shops, where they have one toilet for all the people who work in those shops. I’m not allowed to use this toilet; but I’ve made friends with one of the women who works there, and take her along every time I need to use the facility, so that people don’t stare at me or ask me why I’m there.”

On Cleanliness: It’s not very clean, but it’s okay. Better than nothing.

On Safety: Since it’s inside the complex and there are enough people around, I guess it’s safe.

*Interviewed by Saranya V and Santha V

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