Toilet Tales #3: Sanitation Facilities for Sanitation Workers


Anonymous, 40
Sanitation Worker

“My work starts at 6am, and I have to travel over 10km to reach the area that I clean. So I leave home by around 5am, and don’t return till about 4pm.

In the area that I sweep, there are no public toilets nearby that I can access. My colleagues and I walk to the area corporation office if we need to, especially during our periods. At other time, if we urgently need to pee and there’s no one around, we go on the roadside. We also try to make friends with the security guards at apartment complexes, so that they let us use the toilet inside.”

On cleanliness and safety: The corporation office toilets are usually clean enough. And since it’s an office, there aren’t too many safety issues.

*Interviewed by Santha V

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