#Aftermath || An Index of Posts


We would like to thank Pozhil SG and Meera Rajagopalan, for their invaluable editorial assistance in finalising the blogposts for publication.

Dr. Bhavana Nissima, The Birth and Purpose of “Aftermath”

Dr. Asha Hans, COVID-19 The New Normal: Militarization and Women’s New Agenda in India

Dr.  Vibhuti Patel, Gender Implications of COVID19 Pandemic and Challenges for Community Interventions

Sheelu Francis, Emergencies: A Time to Fix Systemic Problems

Dr. Fatima Burnad, “Including the Excluded” Must Be Mantra of Post-COVID Rehabilitation

Nandhini Shanmugham, For those who give ASHA, there is little in return

Dr. Sehar Iqbal, The Power of Solidarity: Women in Kashmir in Pandemic Times

Dr. Ruchi Shree, Women and Water: Challenges ahead amid COVID-19

Dr. Asha Hans, Impact of COVID -19 Lockdown on Women with Disabilities in India

Swetha Shankar, Dealing With Domestic Violence During A Pandemic

Divya Chandrababu and Durga Nandini, Pandemic Threatens Jobs and Hard-Won Rights of Women in Media

Sairee Chahal, Sustaining gender ratio in the workplace

Dr. S. Shakthi, The Lawless World of Women’s Work

Dr. Anagha Sarpotdar, Work from home” and the challenge of preventing workplace sexual harassment

Dr. Girija Godbole, Protecting women’s land rights in the times of a pandemic

Dr. Ritu Dewan, The COVID-19 Camouflage

Suneeta Dhar, Invest in women, now!

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