Choice and hate: The abortion debate in the US


Judith Warner, Dr. Tiller’s Important Job, New York Times, June 4, 2009.

Having lived in both the US and India, I have often marveled that an issue that is so contentious, even critical, in the US–abortion–merits so little attention in India. In some ways, that’s probably not a bad thing. But still, I wonder.

This article is linked here not because I want to replicate the US controversy, but because (1) it’s a good summary of the pro-choice argument and (2) it points to the importance of getting in first to frame the debate on any issue.

Technology aids violence against women


Google India runs ad for illegal baby sex test kit, AP/Indian Express, September 12, 2008.

Mumbai, September 12: The image seems innocuous enough: A pregnant woman’s belly with a male symbol scrawled in ink to the right of her navel and a female symbol to the left.But in India, where the practice of aborting female fetuses is widespread, such advertisements for prenatal gender selection kits are neither innocuous nor legal.

Last month, activist Sabu George filed a petition against the Indian subsidiaries of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo with the nation’s highest court, asking the companies to pull gender selection advertisements from their Indian search engines. On Aug. 13, the Supreme Court asked the companies to respond to the petition.