A slice of history: Interview with Ammu Joseph on women and media


Ammu Joseph was recently interviewed for the University of Hyderabad FM radio station. She spoke on women and journalism and the space for serious writing on gender issues. Listen for a wonderful eyewitness account of the history of the women’s movement and changes in Indian media.


March 24, 2012, Hyderabad, Usha Raman interviews Ammu Joseph.

PS: Ammu Joseph has been a Friend of Prajnya from the beginning and has recently joined our Advisory Panel.

On honour killings: Article by Ammu Joseph


Ammu Joseph, senior journalist, women’s rights activist and Friend of Prajnya, writes in today’s Hindu magazine section about honour killings.

Ammu Joseph, No honour in murder, The Hindu, May 23, 2010.

“Youngsters in certain parts of India today cannot choose their partners. If they still do and the choice violates arbitrary, extra-legal norms set down by caste panchayats, the consequence can be death. Isn’t it time we built a popular movement against the medieval practice of honour killings, asks AMMU JOSEPH.”

The article incorporates a review of Rana Husseini’s Murder in the Name of Honour, Oneworld Publications, Oxford, 2009.