Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Bijoya Chakrabarty


Basic Information:

Name: Bijoya Chakrabarty

Constituency: Guhawati (Assam)

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Terms in parliament: 13,15th parliament

Age: 70

Contact Information: AB-14, Pandara Road,
                                        New Delhi-110 003
                                        Tel. (011) 3384650

 An immensely popular politician from Assam, Ms. Bijoya had won from the same constituency in the 13th Lok Sabha elections. She was denied a ticket for the 2004 elections, but has emerged as the winner in the recent elections.An educationist by profession, improving the infrastructure, such as improving the drainage, and water supply is a priority for this former Union Minister of State for Water resources. Intending to focus on the needs and welfare of the women and children in her constituency, she is associated with Children welfare activities specifically in the field of education and health. She has also emphasized the need for a holistic water vision with weightage to gender issues.

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