Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Chandresh Kumari


Basic Information:

Name: Chandresh Kumari

Constituency: Jodhpur (Rajastan)

Party: Indian National Congress

Terms in parliament: 8, 15th parliament

Age: 64

 Contact Information: Cloud and Villa,W.No. 4, Dharamshala (HP)

A daughter of Jodhpur, Chandresh Kumari belongs to the royal family, and returned to her hometown after nearly three decades. No novice in politics, she made her electoral debut from the Bamson assembly seat in Hamirpur in 1972. Thereafter, she shifted to her home district Kangra and won from Thural in 1982 and remained minister of tourism for some time.She has been able to win the favour of not only the entire Rajput community, but of other communities including Jats who have nearly 1 lakh strength in Jodhpur. Another factor, which goes in her favor, is her long association with the party and the considerable clouts her husband had with Rajiv Gandhi.

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