Introducing: A new review series, Niharika’s Bookshelf


Niharika M., a student of literature at Stella Maris College, Chennai, will be writing a regular book review series for The PSW Weblog, starting this week. “Niharika’s Bookshelf” holds biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and fiction by women that tells life-stories or historical stories.

At Prajnya, we believe that stories–historical or fictional–hold the key to understanding the lives and work of women across the centuries. This series brings to light stories we may or may not have heard of,  and lives worthy of remembering. The first book featured says exactly what we want to:  They are all lives less ordinary, and all extraordinary journeys, and that is why women’s stories are worth documenting and remembering.

Niharika will be the anchor-reviewer of this series, but we invite you to submit reviews as well and to engage with her reviews on a regular basis. As long as the reviews are thematically relevant to our interests and well-written, we will gladly publish them on the blog.