Madras Week 2012: The Roads Project : Day 17 : Maharani Chinnamma Road



Where is Mahaharani Chinnamma Road?

Maharani Chinnammal Road is in Alwarpet. It leads off from Eldams Road, towards Poes Gardens.

Who was Maharani Chinnamma?

Chinnamma Devi was the eldest daughter of Rajah Venkata Ramayya Appa Rao Bahadur, Zamindar of Kapileswarapuram. Not much is known about her childhood and early life.

In 1905, she married Meherban-i-Dostan Sri Maharaja Ravu Venkata Kumara Mahipathi Surya Rao Bahadur Garu, Sircar, Rajahmundry Sircar and Maharajah of Pithapuram, CBE (whew!), more often referred to as Maharaja Surya Rao. They lived in Dunmore House, in Murray’s Gate Road.

Surya Rao is known for having funded a classical Telugu dictionary, and also commissioning the first Telugu typewriter.

Maharani Chinnamma gave birth to Sita Devi in 1917. If not much is known about Chinnamma, Sita Devi’s live is the stuff of novels. She was known as the Indian Wallis Simpson, and was famed for her beauty, style and grace. She divorced her first husband to marry into the royal family of Baroda. Sita Devi relocated to Monte Carlo, and settled down to a life of opulence and grandeur.

Not much is known about Maharani Chinnamma – in fact, it was impossible to even find a picture of her, but her daughter certainly stirred the world!


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