MadrasWeek@Prajnya/ “Mrs. YGP”: A PSBBian remembers


“Mrs. YGP”

Krithika Sundar

Roughly about 13715 kilometers away from home, I hear someone yelling out to me, “I have seen you in school, 2004 batch right…?” That’s just the beginning of an unending stream of conversations, acquaintances, memories and experiences shared at P.S.B.B.

I grew up pacing the floors of this wonderful institution, one among the few 8-years-old elitists to have taken swimming classes, learnt Shakespeare in class 8, created my own models and exhibits for the techno talent and triennial projects annually and hosted the legendary high school cultural event-Reverberations. If that isn’t a giddy mix of fun-filled education, then what is? My time in PSBB was marked by the elections—the high point of the year—when 15 year olds tried their hand at self-government, civic engagement and social responsibility. Who would have even thought of such a thing?

None other than Mrs. YGP, a household name from namma Chennai.  This Padmashri award winner, a strict disciplinarian, and an artist in every possible figment of the imagination, is an achiever whose initials bring up a pageful of google search results.

From the first time I heard her name probably as a three year old playing in the mud pile called the ‘beach’ until date, I am convinced that she is truly the reason why the sense of unity felt by a million PSBBians across the globe could give every nationality, caste, community and even clans a run for their money.

An ex-student comments in a blog entry , “Would you even believe she granted a half day off for the India-Pakistan 1996 World Cup Quarterfinal when one of the guys went bold enough to make a request on that day’s prayer and she surprisingly granted it without much ado?”

This is Mrs. YGP for you. A wonderfully understanding personality sensitive to every need of society and every individual she comes in contact with.

Kudos to you and the loudest ever ‘Shri Gurubhyo Namaha’.