Prajnya Celebrates 75 Years of India’s Independence || A Note from our Trustee, Sweta Narayanan #PrajnyaCelebratesIndia #IndiaAt75


August 15, 2022 marks 75 years of India’s independence. Celebrating this, we have with us, our trustee, Sweta Narayanan, who has penned down her thoughts on the same.

Sweta Narayanan

As we celebrate the 75th year of independence, as we celebrate development, and as we celebrate progress and sometimes regression, I hope we can also celebrate compassion. Compassion towards all forms of life, compassion that paves the way for mutual respect, integrity, and inevitably, equality. These are the values I believe are at the core of creating a just and secure society. I love the bundle of contractions that is India – that fights but also coexists, that is diverse but is also similar in many ways, that is progressive but also conservative at the same time, that is often violent but also wants peace. Let this day and year bring peace, harmony, justice, and happiness to this unique country!

We, the Prajnya Team, would also love to have you send us a small text or art project or voice recording or video, telling us what you cherish about India, what your dream for the country is, and what makes you optimistic about India as we inch closer to celebrating 75 years of India’s independence. You can email or share your contribution with us via Google Drive at <> or via Whatsapp at +91 97908 10351. We look forward to hearing from you!