#myMP: Who are the women you want to see in Parliament?


In the past few years, whenever political parties have been asked upfront about why so few women have been nominated by them to contest for the Lok Sabha, they have cited the lack of impactful and visible women as an excuse. So we decided to help them find some! We at Prajnya crowdsourced via Twitter a list of potential women candidates, a wishlist of sorts of women we would like to see in the Lok Sabha. This being just a wishlist, there is no obligation on any of these women to actually stand and contest for the elections. This is just our way of refuting the claims of parties that there are no worthy women around whom they can nominate.

“Look! Here they are. These are all worthy, incredible women.”

Take a look at what we have so far: #myMP: Your suggestions

The form for submissions is still open, so if you meant to send in suggestions but haven’t, it’s not too late: #myMP Submission Form. Filling out the form is important because it allows you to make a case for the potential candidate and provide more information.