Women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Bhavana Gawali


Basic Information:

Name: Bhavana Gawali (Patil)

Constituency: Yavatmal –Washim (Maharashtra)

Party: Shiv Sena

Terms in parliament: 13-15th parliament

Age: 36

Contact Information: Civil Line Risod, Tq. Risod, District – Washim

 Bhavana Pundlikrao Gawali represented the Washim constituency of Maharashtrais in the 14th Lok Sabha of India. A member of the Shiv Sena (SS), she was pitted against ‘Haribhau’ Rathod, the Congress’ colourful candidate. The caste configuration favours Mr. Rathod, but Ms. Gawali, of OBC background, is no pushover.Being aware of the problems of tribals from both Yavatmal and Washim districts, efforts were always taken to solve them, the young leader said. Let it be the problem of deluge in Ralegaon or drinking water scarcity, she has always taken efforts to solve it.

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