The History Room: Dr Anupama Rao, an introduction


First up in our series of “blog interviews,” The History Room, is Dr. Anupama Rao. Dr Rao is an associate professor in the History Department at Barnard College, Columbia University. Her work in the field of gender and caste is prolific and her other research interests include history of anticolonialism; caste and race; comparative urbanism; historical anthropology, social theory, and colonial genealogies of human rights and humanitarianism. For a more detailed biography and a list of her recent works, see

“…what has happened to sex/gender in a postfeminist world? Many people no longer feel the “need” for feminism as an organizing politics of our time, yet we are in a period where gender and sexuality matter, and matter deeply. Or, how is queer critique opening up new ways of thinking about sexual and social difference? How can revisiting questions of political economy (and its new practices of predation) allow us to understand gendered labor? All of these issues remain important.”
~ Dr. Anupama Rao to The History Room.

The full interview follows!

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