Prajnya Celebrates 75 Years of India’s Independence || A note from Jyothi #PrajnyaCelebratesIndia #IndiaAt75


August 15, 2022 marks 75 years of India’s independence. Celebrating the same, we have with us, Jyothi, who has penned down her thoughts on the India she cherishes and loves.


75 years of her independence, 

50 years on her soil

Nourished, enriched, I am, within and without!

Dirtied on the dusty floor of a hut in shambles,

Until the discovery of the treasure beneath

There, buried deep in her bosom, the profound wisdom, never gone!

The horrors of strife, differences amplified,

Drudgery of toil, a pace, often too fast to hold on to

Amidst the disorder, there, hidden in her folds, absolute peace!

In a hurry to meet the world, nay lead,

Trampling her riches into blackened soil

Somewhere in the air, wisps of her ever-fresh breath, a reminder!

Not merely in the forms, structures or volumes,

Her culture and heritage be truly sought

In the wisdom and compassion nurtured in this soil, there is, all the wealth!

Blessed indeed I am,

To breathe this air, walk this earth,

Realizing the souls she nurtured, guiding me and beyond, now and forever!

We, the Prajnya Team, would also love to have you send us a small text or art project or voice recording or video, telling us what you cherish about India, what your dream for the country is, and what makes you optimistic about India as we inch closer to celebrating 75 years of India’s independence. You can email or share your contribution with us via Google Drive at <> or via Whatsapp at +91 97908 10351. We look forward to hearing from you!

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