Small steps and milestones


On August 15, 2008, the first batch of Prajnya Summer Research Interns finished their term. They received certificates of recognition for their efforts at a small gathering held to celebrate the occasion.

In the week that led up to their ‘graduation,’ everyone worked extra-hard. The interns wrote and revised their papers several times. The editors spent several hours at a stretch in a marathon editing session. The Prajnya website was redesigned and uploaded to include the interns’ research.

You can read the papers at: They contribute to our background research for a project on women who were active in politics and public affairs in the decades preceding and following India’s independence. More on this later.

We now look forward to a new batch of interns for an Advocacy Internship that begins September 15. They will work with Prajnya’s 16 Days Campaign Against Gender-based Violence. The call for applications is up at and the deadline is August 31.

September 9, 2008 marks one year since the formal launch of Prajnya Initiatives for Peace, Justice and Security. We do not know where this year has gone. When we look ahead, the road stretches endlessly with no visible milestones. However, we look backand it is hard to comprehend how so many small steps, quiet efforts and small amounts of money have generated so much activity and so many memories.

We thank you for your support and good wishes which are the wind beneath our wings.

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